New ad: Truth

October 23 2012

Proposal 3’s supporters are trying to hide these crucial facts behind a screen of lies:

• Proposal 3 would cost each Michigan family and small business thousands. Every single electric customer in Michigan would be on the hook for at least $2,511.40 if Proposal 3 passes in November. You can find out how much the energy mandate would cost you with our Cost Estimator.

• No other state has locked a renewable energy mandate such as Proposal 3 in its constitution. Proposal 3’s supporters are trying to mislead Michigan voters on this important point, which has been refuted by the Detroit Free Press, the nonpartisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan, and others.

• Proposal 3 could jeopardize local control over wind turbine placement. To meet the costly Proposal 3 mandate, Michigan would need to build 3,100 wind turbines. With so many turbines required, Lansing bureaucrats could end up deciding where to put them, no matter what local voters say. That’s why the Michigan Townships Association and the Michigan Association of Counties oppose Proposal 3.

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